3 definitions by Lee Guy

The non offensive term for cisgender. Natus coming from the Greek meaning Born.
The trans movement is against men playing trans women. Should they allow trans women to play Natusgender women?
by Lee Guy October 17, 2016
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A person who becomes famous by having no talent, such as Kim Kardashian who became famous from a sex tape or Donald Trump who became famous because he was wealthy. Origin, joining the word celebrity and retard.
i don't understand why people would pay to see Snooky at a nightclub, she's a celebutard.
by Lee Guy October 21, 2016
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A racist term used to mock Africans and black people in general when they don't speak proper english . This is also why racists call Obama Obunga.
My black neighbors are making those ugga bugga noises again. (derogatory example)
by Lee Guy October 18, 2016
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