a female whose has the meat or clit of her vagina sticking out further than the buns or more commonly know the lips
Did you see that chick at the pool? She was an umm bugga!
by sj3an April 25, 2010
Used to express annoyance or anger.
"ugga bugga I have a shitload of homework tonght."

by wurd. August 13, 2006
A crown shop companion from the game Pirate101.
“I got Ugga Bugga from the crown shop”
“You’re not even a witch doctor!”
by the-yeehaw-kid April 26, 2019
used as an insult,meaning Asshole, Bitch, Ect
That kid is such a bugga-nugget for punching john.
by shizzlefoo January 14, 2008
Fuck there's a Bugga boo,
by Shawn Arthur October 21, 2016
a cognate
Cognates in linguistics are words that have a common origin.
Part of the still existing Proto-languages much the same as the word GAP or IN. A Mathematical misnomer.
Ugga bugga is to gap as increment is to Dirac is to Delta ;
by plantmilkweedseeds April 6, 2008
A tribe of great warriors who are sworn to protect each other and are incredibly feared.
I'm so terrified of the ugga bugga tribe I heard they made the chavs extinct!
by Theblazemaze November 8, 2017