most expensive (liberal arts) (college) ($54,000/ yr) there is. The students here are unusally (preppy)- seven jeans, burberry, and ralph lauren clothes are sold at the bookstore and can get charged on the (student) ID. Kids get drunk, particpating in acts of debauchery most nights a week (especially wednesdays)...The best (frat) consists of sig ep...Hm... thats about it- Oh and Bucky the Bison is a real person. Hes in phi psi.
"Dude, I got into Bucknell"
"Damn.. How'd you get into there? I heard it was mad difficult and the parties are awesome.."
by duh13876 May 13, 2009
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1. Second tier liberal arts school located in middle-of-nowhere Pennsylvania, with inferior academic and athletically inclined students.
2. Official safety school for all students looking to go to Colgate University.
"Dude, did you get into Colgate?"
"No man, I have to go to fucking Bucknell."
"It's alright all the kids that can't get into gate go there."
by bro7189 August 15, 2008
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To get bitch-slapped by a team with only 5 scholarship players when you're ranked #1 in RPI and #5 overall in the country. Usually saved for NCAA tournament flameouts, but can be used for regular season clams, as well.
Kansas had high hopes for their team in the post-season, but then they got Bucknelled and went home.
by Phil April 18, 2005
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N. Private University in NE PA full of drunken greeks who all pop their collars, drive expensive cars and all-in-all kick ass!
Wow, I wish I could go to Bucknell University, they completely trashed Kansas in the NCAA Tourny!
by WaterBison08 March 28, 2005
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When a chick shits in your bed after you lose wood from a coke boner.
Dude got the bucknell squeeze at the courtyard Marriott in waupaca.
by OstgutTon69 July 21, 2023
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N. A shitty private university in North-Eastern Pennsylvania full of drunken greek idiots living under the oppression of a tyrranical administration.
Friend 1: My mom wants me to apply to Bucknell University.
by GO BIS!!.... ugh January 30, 2005
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loves to finger his best friend Edward. he is a very cute young man who isnt very smart or good looking, but he still pulls more than you. jonathan is a very funny sexy young man who loves to watch horses fuck.
'your such a little curry muhcing jonathan bucknell'
by lizraid August 5, 2021
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