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Gorgeous school, gorgeous girls, gorgeous amounts of money later in life. It's like Dartmouth's, cooler, little brother. Really is the best school period.
-"I went to Colgate"
-"I bet you drive an Aston Martin"
by livagoodlife December 16, 2012
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Small liberal arts college located in Hamilton, New York. It has NO affiliation with Colgate-Palmolive, it is not a dentistry school. The general concensus on its academics and athletics is "kick-freakin-ass". So many hot girls you'll want to break down and cry, indeed, many incoming freshmen do. Downside-Damn near the most expensive education you can get, and no academic scholarships.
-I heard you go to Colgate University?
-Yeah, it's awesome.
-I didn't know you wanted to be a dentist.
-I hate you, and everything you stand for.
by 2cool4scool July 02, 2006
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Type of blow job where the female gives head as if she was brushing her teeth.
"That felt so good. She just gave me a colgate."
by Silent Killa November 27, 2006
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in the philippines, a slang term for "toothpaste", (etm. fr. the makers of toothpaste itself)
can i buy colgate...the "pepsodent" brand please!
by bauglir May 17, 2004
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A male of a colour race who is found to be attractive to women of another race. He usually will have extremely white teeth, hence the term colgate (which is a popular tooth paste brand). This man is usually jacked and in top shape.
Girl 1: oh my look at that colgate !
Girl 2: He is so hot and his teeth are beautiful
by lionstigersandbearsohmy July 27, 2011
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