when you get some soda or energy drink and mix it with a bunch of sugary shit like gummy worms, sour keys, sour skittles, juicy drop pop, or literally just citric acid.
damn all these alt girls on tiktok be drinking battery acid we should try some
by 3_5h4 May 4, 2021
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Pay no attention to that other definition. The REAL battery acid is a mixture of a sparks energy/alcohol drink with 2-4 shots of your favorite vodka, preferrably a citrus, making one hip drink. The term "battery" comes from the striking similarity the can has to an energizer battery. Just hook it up and get ready to party.
Partygoer #1: Check out Teo on the dance floor. How's he able to blow up so huge?!
Partygoer #2: Must've had some battery acid.
by crazy b May 15, 2005
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The combination of sweat, and vaginal discharge that collects in and around a girls vagina after any strenuous exercise, usually a night of dancing at a club.

This combination of fluids creates a liquid so sour, it can literally dissolve the tastebuds right off your tongue!!

See. groin juice
Dude, i just went down on that chick in the bathrooms and now i cant feel my tongue!! That was some serious battery acid!!
by Clinton Howes February 22, 2008
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The contents of lead-acid, or 'wet' cells (The kind you find in your car, for instance.) In this instance, it would be sulphuric acid.

Not to be confused with the electrolyte paste found inside 'dry' cells (The ones in your torch, for instance). This paste is actually an alkali.
Car batteries have battery acid in them. AA, AAA, C and D cells do NOT.
by Zakarius September 19, 2005
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It’s what turned the frigginfrogs gay.
“Have you heard?”

“What..? How-?”
“They used...BATTERY ACID.”
“When I say frogs, you say gay!”
by persephone_simp November 30, 2020
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If vegetables could talk, i would cut them up and throw them into battery acid.
by ggggggggg February 15, 2005
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Any of several "diet" sodas, especially Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi. The term originates from the drinks' taste.
"Do you want some battery acid, man?"
"No, thank you."
"Ah well. More for me."
by Oberstille May 6, 2005
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