" You're 'avin a bubble incha!"
by Silv June 24, 2003
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The art of urinating directly into ones mouth.

Often whilst standing, can be done in hotel rest rooms and mosh pits.
Is that guy pissing directly into his own face? Yeah man, he is bubbling!! What a legend.
by Captain hard June 30, 2014
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Magical place that constitutes a temporary mental refuge
She is in her own bubble
by LadyV April 7, 2014
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Irvine, California. It's called "The Bubble" because all of its residents are sheltered from the real world. We're clean, sweet, and well-off. The only drug we're exposed to is Tyenol.
There are no hobos in The Bubble, because the cops take them to Tustin.
by RasberryLips August 25, 2005
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A undescribable feeling, unexpressable happiness.
You often get this feeling when you like someone so much and when your with them you feel blah.. :)
You cant help but smile. You try so hard to hide it but it hurts your face to make the smile go away.

I feel so bubbly everytime im with him.
by BabyAxcore October 4, 2007
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A word with no way to say it aggressively(you can try)
by chaoticbitch August 15, 2015
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