"Bruck" is a word synonymous with "ugly" (or words pertaining to ugly). It is predominantly used to describe individuals (or other things) that are not at all aesthetically-pleasing (and usually, are quite repulsive looking).
Harsh (11) is bruck beyond comprehension.
by Punisher71 May 05, 2007
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The Ethiopian word for blessed. Used to name boys and girls. Most of the time they're hella hot and the girls are thicccccc. The urban dictionary versions of this name is false ;)
Bruck (boy): Hey what's up?
Girl: IM SO WET.

Bruck (girl): Oops I dropped my pencil *bends down to get a pencil*

by Ethiopian Wise Man January 11, 2017
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uk term - to have vigorous intercourse with.
I brucked your mum last night.

me and ____ are gonna bruck.
by joesimpson111 March 11, 2021
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Almost identical to the usage of Bro. Can be used almost anywhere. My Bros are my Brucks. Its kosher dude.
Bruck #1: "Bruck! Whats goin on?!"

Bruck #2: "Bruck!" Let's get a drink Bruck."

Bruck #1: "Yeah, Bruuuuck."

Bruck #2: "Brruuuuuuuuuuucck!!!"
by BaBy Bruck November 02, 2009
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Bruck is the words Brick & Stuck together meaning stuck under a brick.
On the weekend I went to a building site and became bruck.
by MEGAZOR August 12, 2009
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A. Damaged, broken, or not satisfactory
B. An ugly girl
A. That car is brucked.
B. Naw, I wouldn't fuck that girl, she is brucked.
by Sumantix November 28, 2004
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When you intentionally vote "Leave" during brexit and accidentally fuck yourself.
"Hey Bro, did you vote 'REMAIN '?"
"Nah mate, I totally brucked myself! Turns out the pound crashed to a 30 year low. Food and holidays got more expensive, so I can't afford to get shitfaced in Kavos, not to mention I require a visa, and my grandpas pension is fucked. Who knew!? Oh wait..."
by aschk June 27, 2016
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