Bobby Hill is the 12 yo son of Father Hank Hill and Mother Peggy Hill in the popular animated TV series: King of the Hill aka KOTH
Bobby is the 'odd' boy who in some episodes, shows that he has signs of being gay. He misinterperates many things because of his immature sense of humor and stupidity.
Bobby only has 2 true friends. His neighbors son Joseph and his other neighbors daughter and GF Kahn Jr. Joseph and Kahnnie Have been show to have some relationship with each other but nothing to break up Bobby and Kahnnie.
*Bobby and Joseph are walking down the street when they see some construction workers during luch break*
Bobby Hill : Look
Joseph: Whoah They get to eat and stand around doing nothing all day
B: This is why they tell us to stay in school! So we dont find out how much fun working is!
by Dale Tech INC March 02, 2012
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A short bald bartender who has to stand on his tippy toes to get things off high shelves
Bobby hill forgot my shot of rumple again.
by JBCIV September 26, 2019
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