Slang for “gamer,” and slightly less offensive.
“Yo, that guy’s a real gamer.”
“Whoa don’t use the hard r like that, say gama.”
by 3lonMu$k September 26, 2019
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Some one who has shown great athletic ability in sports such as wrestling and fighting. Usually named by peers to show how good you are.
Yo, did u see rob wrestle?

Yeah he looked like a true Gama.
by rob faungo June 10, 2008
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N: Man-child; Baby-eater; beast; meat-head; "The Man"

Adj: jacked; huge; strong; hungry; good at everything

V: to win; to destroy; to devour
N: You are so amazing; you must be a GAMA.

Adj: Wow that kids gama, he must work out every day.

V: He just gama'd that sandwitch
by Gama's spokesperson February 24, 2009
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1.a person with an increbidle amount of respect, either by being a good fighter, wrestler,or just a cool person.2.a person well respected by peers. 3.usually given as a nickname toathletic people.
My friend Nick is extremely athletic and a very good wrestler, me and my friends call him Gama becasue he is better than Rob. Rob isn't good enough to become Gama.
by nickmatt12 June 16, 2008
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A wallet/coin-purse in the shape of a frog, owned by Naruto from the popular anime Naruto. This wallet/coin-purse is also a (very obvious) reference to the animal that Naruto represents and summons (the frog).
"Gama chan, I love you when you're all fat~!" *places cheek against gama-chan's "belly" full of money*
by digiSAK3 December 27, 2006
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The Kusari-gama is a combination of a sickle (short scythe) and a long chain with a weight attached to the end of it. The sickle was used in a slashing or stabbing motion, as well as used to block and hook opponents weapons. By holding the chain portion of the weapon, the sickle could be swung around to get a greater reach with it.
The chain portion of the Kusari-gama was most often used for trapping an enemy or his weapon. Once tangled up with the chain, the ninja could finish him off with the sickle. This was a weapon the ninja invented out of farming tools they used.
by ♫ Highway to Hell ♫ July 14, 2011
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