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synonymous with san francisco. because san francisco is free from all ya' suckas. first popularized by Rappin' 4-Tay in the 1994 song "playaz club".
Keep it sucka free!!!
by aempirei December 20, 2004

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The act of hanging outside of their driver-side door with no driver in the seat while the car is still in motion. From the yay area, oakland!
Ghost riding the whip,
doors open,
invisible driver!
invisible driver!
by aempirei November 30, 2005

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First popularized and preserved by JT The Bigga Figga with Get Low Records in 1991 and his group, the Get Low Playaz.

"Get Low" was used to describe a signature dance that was popular through out the San Francisco neighborhood of Fillmore, as seen in the video for the 1994 classic "Game Recognize Game".

The phrase "Get Low" has recently been infringed upon by many commericial rappers, and most notably, Memphis Bleek.
"Twerk that monkey lemme see you get low, Freak that boy till your stuff get sore."
by aempirei January 25, 2005

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The sound and process itself of slapping together ones ass cheeks to make a clapping sound (usually directed at women), popularized by the UTP song, "Nolia Clap", named after the New Orleans Magnolia housing projects.
If you're a chickenhead in the club and you want to get down then twirk that ass and do the nolia clap.
by aempirei December 21, 2004

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Essentially an "excessive display of speed" which can consist of donuts, burnouts, or any other sideshow type of behavior.
In the lac, we're dippin' and yokin' and actin' a fool, shoutin what it do.
by aempirei December 27, 2004

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A drink also known as the incredible hulk.

One part hypnotiq
One part Hennessy

First used by rapper messy marv from san francisco.
what it do! I'm `bout to get hyphy off this bruce banner ya' feel me?
by aempirei December 20, 2004

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Originating from the yay area. This is a drink consisting of cuervo 1800 and amaretto drank as a shot either chilled or unchilled.
Ya'll be strappin the pickle jar helmets to ya' heads and gettin 18 dummy off that pickle juice.
by aempirei March 24, 2006

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