whats up or whats tha deal
"what it do? its paul wilken fly like a pelcan inside my skin i got versace skeleton" Paul Wall

mike:what it do
john:whats up
by babygurl October 20, 2003
The phrase "What it do" is colloquial speech for the English expressions "How are you doing today" or "Hello, what is going on?" It is also used as a rhetorical question, often clarifying, or re-emphasizing what was just acknowledged. This practice of language is often used by African Americans, or Hispanics.
"Yo dawg, what it do?"
by cha'j December 5, 2006
what's crackin, what's the deal, what's up - made popular in Oakland,CA
by that dozen May 1, 2005
when u say whats up originated in the yay area,the bay
"what it do" keak the sneak, thats my word
by nikhil aka alabondad December 6, 2005
A term that originated in the mid 90's Sideshow culture in Oakland, CA (Bay Area). Challenging someones high performance vehicle in an exhibition of speed. ie. burnouts, donuts, figure 8's, racing.

Paul Wall and Mike Jones were not around hip hop during this time era.
by mobbology June 4, 2006
I dont put that on Thats my word
I dont think they know'n thats my word
-Keak Da Sneak....this word is from the Bay Area ......so know you know
" What It Do "
by Richmond April 21, 2005
E-40 said it's what you say when you pull up to an old muscle car....like what you got under the hood...what it do!
just listen to grit and grind.....and quit taken 40's words...everyone else
by ogrock August 26, 2005