The Science Bros is the name of the love between Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. They are both scientists and their bromance is strong. Even RDJ and Mark Ruffalo ship it.

You're my half of the Science Bros, let's do science together.
by claire208 November 03, 2015
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(A youtube channel with less than twenty subscribers) A group of teens(one is very small) trying to teach people on the internet, but once they get started. It all turns into a big joke. Many of the teenagers have alter egos(for example mr.pixels, the minecraft savage)
by Septiplier away March 08, 2017
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when guys weight lift and talk about muscle growth without actually knowing the science.
That guy is swole.


Because he uses maxX 4 times day.

Sounds like bro science.
by heathrmoor April 30, 2014
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The science how how things work in relation to the human body as defined by bro’s. No college degree required.
Sally g broke down the bro science on how to lose 90 pounds in 3 months.
by Sally G ISSA fit April 12, 2020
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