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Known as the alter ego for the Hulk. It is also known as someone who has a green vein on their penis. Not many people are sure as to why the green vein is there, but it could only be known as radioactive.
Doctor, you may want to come look at this. This guy has a Bruce Banner, and his name is DJShockJock.
by Djshockjock April 07, 2019

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When you had plans for something but decide to shut everything down last minute, in a last ditch effort to make it so you can stay comfortable in your home so you don't have to communicate with the outside world. While you get to make forts out of your toilet paper.
Player-"Hey guys we down for some Dungeons and Dragons tonight?"
DM-"nah, Coronavirusing tonight"
by Djshockjock March 18, 2020

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