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Fastcore is a derivative for of hardcore, started in the early to mid 80s by bands such as Koro, Urban Waste and Deep Wound. Fastcore is closely related to thrashcore and powerviolence.
I bought Koro's 700 Club EP and every song was about 30 seconds. It was one of the first fastcore albums.
by crustfan April 09, 2007

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SxE is an abbreviation of straight-edge. Straight-edge is a lifestyle, in which a person will not drink, smoke, do drugs or have any kind of permiscious/perverted sex. Straight edge also breaks off into even smaller groups, vegans and vegetarians, Christians/religious groups, nazi/hate edge, gay edge.

Most straight edgers frown upon hate edge and hardline. Hardline is a more conservative type of straight edge, started in the late 80s by bands such as Youth of Today and Judge. Hardline is anti homosexuality, extreme veganism and Christian values.
Minor Threat are a sxe band. Ian Mackaye coined the term straight edge and influenced many young people.
by crustfan April 10, 2007

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Septic Death were an extremely fast thrashcore band from Boise, Idaho. The band was formed in the 80s by Brian "Pushead" Schroder who has his own label, Pusmort Records and has done art for bands such as The Misfits and Metallica. Their lyrical themes are usually about horror and mental anguish.
Septic Death released many albums and bootlegs and were featured on the international compilation, P.E.A.C.E. / War. They were also on another international compilation called Cleanse the Bacteria on the bands label, Pusmort Records.
by crustfan April 09, 2007

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Gloom are a fast crust punk band from Japan.
Gloom have many good albums, but you can't find them anywhere.
by crustfan April 09, 2007

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Bruce Banner are a Swedish thrashcore/power violence band. They have two vocalists: One screamer and one growler.
Bruce Banner do a sick cover of Demon by Septic Death.
by crustfan April 09, 2007

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Crust is an offshoot of the UK82 movement. The genre is characterized by extremely fast drums, heavily distorted guitars and screamed vocals. Crust and grindcore are both related, grindcore being an offshoot of crust.

Crust fashion is usually very extravagant and dark. Crust punks will usually have black vests covered in studs and band patches.

Crust punk is played all around the world, but is usually played most in America, Japan and Europe (Sweden, Holland, England).
Notable crust punk bands are Anti-Cimex, Doom, Amebix, Mob 47, Gloom and GISM.
by crustfan April 09, 2007

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MCR stands for My Chemical Romance. They're a pop-rock band that plays a butchered style of emo, who are repetitive and sing about the same old crap. They play a style of music that takes no real talent whatsoever and sing songs about things that don't matter.
Hot topic emo: Hey, you wanna go listen to some emo?
Me: Sure, what bands?
Hot topic emo: MCR, Taking Back Sunday, etc
Me: That isn't emo.
Me: Rites of Spring and Fugazi are emo.
by crustfan April 09, 2007

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