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The process through which a neighborhood becomes more friendly to bro culture (brosified). Similar to gentrification, but more laid back. Common indicators of brosification include increased frequency of high-fives, shirtless men, and an inexplicable growth in the popularity of singer-songwriters with acoustic guitars. Brosification of an area generally occurs following long-term hipster infestation. Once an area has been suitably deemed “hip” long enough for the general population to notice, ordinary people and college students will begin to visit the area more frequently to consume its culture. Though they are often considered slower than the rest of the pack, bros have an innate sense of where the party at. It is unclear whether hipsters depart brosified districts because they are no longer cool, or are pushed out by the overt demonstrations of affection and popular culture preferred by the bros, but hipster populations decline in direct correlation to brosification. There is no known method to reverse the effects of brosification. Once there are enough bars and other venues to satisfy a tour of bros, they will not leave the area except for occasional trips to the beach and/or outdoor music festivals. Further study of this phenomenon is highly recommended in order to understand the larger implications to society.
This neighborhood has seen some serious brosification, man. Bros, shirtless bros everywhere.
by toezilla August 08, 2014
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