What really lame people say when they're trying to sound "in" and "cool". See also partay
by Diane October 28, 2004
A very redundant way to say "Where the party is." Once you've said "Where the party is," there is no reason to add "at."
Ahh, so this is where the party is.
by M-G May 13, 2005
A phrase used when there is a gathering of people. Sometimes used sarcastically if you see a group of people who are doing nothing interesting
Ranjit and his posse were sat about doing nothing.

enter extra posse member

"Ah, so this is where the party's at..."
by anonymous August 31, 2004
Something, or place that is "in" right now.

can also be "WTP@"

usually used when talking about a place that is awesome
person 1: dude have u heard about that new restaurant downtown

person 2: yea that place is where the party's @!!

guy 1: dude ur school sucks!

guy2: no way, my school is where the party's @!!

Example in a text

girl 1: where going to monica house tonight!

girl 2: cool monica's house is WTP@!!!
by lalalac645 August 13, 2010
a bomb ass song by Fall Out Boy which appears on their album "Save Rock And Roll"
person 1: my friend's favorite FOB album is Save Rock And Roll
person 2: isn't that the one album with Where Did The Party Go on it?
by wtfkina April 6, 2016