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When A womans clitoris gets hard or starts tingling
girl:holy fuck hes hot!
girl 2: then go talk to him
girl:gurl i got a lady boner
by PrincessBLARITY January 30, 2017
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1. the female equivalent of a 'boner'.

2. May be as mild as slight moisture and nothing else: 'semi lady-boner'

3. Or it may be characterised by extreme wetness, involuntarily clenching and unclenching vaginal muscles, and an erect clitoris: 'massive lady-boner'
"Why did you have unprotected sex with that bad-boy player last night?"

"Because I had a massive lady-boner and he was really doing it for me and my school and family preach abstinence so I had no condoms".
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When a lady gets a fuzzy feeling in her pants!
"wow ciara had a huge Lady Boner"
"ikr she was sooo fired up!"
by Briki November 28, 2011
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A slang term for when a woman is sexually attracted to a man or another woman.

The word may also be used as a name for the said man or woman who is the object of attraction.
Woman 1: "David Beckham is so hot."

Woman 2: "Yeah, I have a total Ladyboner for him."

Woman 1: "George Clooney is my ultimate Ladyboner."
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The act of a women's "erection" becoming wet in the vaginal area due to a hot mans presence.
Dude, he is so hot! I just got a lady boner. Boner
by Mastersofsex June 10, 2014
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when a lady is aroused in her panties. Since she isn't capable of producing an actual erection, she is simply left with a lady boner.
"Stephan, thanks for showing me your HUGE DICK, now i have a lady boner!"
by theonlyjoe-c. May 02, 2008
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A hypothetical boner on a woman. The term is, obviously, used only in speech and cannot be shown physically; it is intangible.
In text messages, for example:

Person: Does this turn you on?

You: Noooo... (hides ladyboner)
by machine21@crossfade March 16, 2011
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