10 definitions by LeroyLooselips

A girl who is a squirter, who shows up to places uninvited to spray whoever she can convince to open the flood gates as though she heard her name called 3 times.
Skeetlejuice showed up rite as her name was mentioned and soaked the couch.
by LeroyLooselips May 1, 2019
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The female version of the tea bag. The female applies whatever moist substance currently leaking out of her fun hole by dragging the flaps over the unsuspecting victim’s mouth, leaving a glossy sheen on the lips.
I woke up to this crazy bitch draggin’ her vag across my mouth. She totally lip glossed me.
by LeroyLooselips April 30, 2019
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The “Lip Gloss” is the female version of the male’s “Tea Bag”. The female waits for her prey to pass out from bad decisions, then proceeds to dunk the JJ flaps on the victim’s lips and rubs them vigorously on the unsuspecting victim. Also not limited to male prey, the female is heartless cold species who feeds on souls.
Yo, I passed out at this party and this bitchlip glossed” me!!
by LeroyLooselips October 23, 2017
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Knick the Ridge:

When one is shaving around their brown eye and catches the razor on one of their butthole ridges.
Knick The Ridge: a small cut on one of the butthole wrinkles

Man, my girl was shavin’ her black cherry and accidentally knicked a ridge. No playin in the fudge factory tonight boys.
by LeroyLooselips March 27, 2020
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When one bro is really excited for another bro.

When a casual bromance becomes bromosexually active.
Bro, the way you drink beer competitively gives me a raging broner.

Bro, your new truck gives me a total broner.
by LeroyLooselips April 30, 2019
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The blue liquid in port-a-potties that are long overdue for a cleaning. So the fecal/urine mixture resembles a blue beef stew.
Don’t use that port-a-potty, the guy never cleaned it so it’s a blue stew buffet.
by LeroyLooselips April 30, 2019
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When a woman attacks with her low hanging flappy vagina lips.
That girl’s va jj lips hang so low she smacked herself in the face with em while jogging. She flap attacked herself tryin to stay in shape.
by LeroyLooselips April 30, 2019
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