1. Overy large and bulky women. 2. Big wide shoulders on a female with a muscular abodomen, like a line backer. 3. Anything that makes you say "Got dam thats a big bitch" Or "WTF is that really that fat"
OMG thats a Brocky bitch. Im sorry but that girl was so brocky she could play for the Patriots. Abby your Brocky.
by Doctor Hitch YO April 01, 2013
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Brocky is another term for someone you know to be a cunt or just a straight mean person in general.
β€œDude that guy is the biggest brocky I know”
β€œCalling someone brocky is the biggest insult you could ever call someone if you know a Brocky”
by Thatguy2018 November 02, 2018
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A burnout (Australian slang). Thought to have been inspired by the late great Australian racing car driver Peter Brock, who was responsible for many brocky's in his time.
How's that amazing brocky Dave just did. I'll bet he's going to win the brocky contest today.
by Insular Faggot July 21, 2017
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