Bro-night is a night when a group of male friends get together to do something in the intentional absence of women.

This is typically undertaken by a group of friends who are all in committed relationships, and wish to get away from womanly things, and eat pizza with their dude friends.
P1: Hey fella's bro-night is this tuesday, ditch ya bitch and come get some pizza.

P2: Uh sorry guys, I have to go to bed bath and beyond with my girl so we can pick up some lavender bath soap.

P3: Fuck that shit dude, bro-night is man-datory. You'll be there, and you'll be drinking fucking whiskey.

P2: You knnow what? Fuck yeah, I'll be there! Bro night!

P1: Bro nght!

P2: Bro night!
by Bro-bono March 15, 2011
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A social gathering, typically involving alcohol and/or marijuana, in which women are strictly forbidden.
Kyle: Ay bro, empty house this weekend!
Joe: Oh damn, are you inviting that chick over?
Kyle: No way! I was going to call up the bros for an epic bro night. I was thinking we'd get drunk and moon cars on Sunset Blvd.
Joe: Let's do it!
by Man of Gold December 18, 2011
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A hang out which usually ends in a sleep over of more than Two male friends or "Bros." (requires heterosexual entities only)
Me and the guys had a major Bro's Night last night.
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All Bro's Night is the night before Thanksgiving. A night on which Bros return to their hometowns and local watering holes to drink, toast, and congratulate one another on being bros.
"Dude, what are you doing for All Bro's Night?"
by DeadHeadHules November 23, 2016
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Similar to a Bromance, except that this is had (generally while drunk) with another dude who you will not regularly see.
Todd and I totally had a Bro Night Stand at Katie's party on Friday.
by Galeras May 27, 2011
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Basically, the definition for douchebag with House music in the background. It refers to an incident in Boston where a Techno promoter recommended a versatile DJ booking to a House promoter looking for DJs to play his night. The House promoter assumed the DJ would only play Techno, and emailed the other promoter with three simple words: House night bro.
These three words are the essence of douchebaggery with the flair of House music snobs. People and events reflecting this sentiment can be described as "housey," "housenight," or plain "house."
"That guy squeezing those fake tits is a total house night bro."
"K-Fed looks housey."
by Eddie O. February 11, 2008
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