The store that sells bath and bed stuff. I have never found the beyond part.
The beyond, in bed bath and beyond is that they sell pancakes there
by DizzyLizzy April 01, 2007
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When a man is in the hospital and the nurse jerks him off after giving him his sponge bath.
Guy 1: "So I heard you were in the hospital. How was that?"
Guy 2: "It was horrible until my nurse came in to bathe me and she gave me a "bed bath and beyond". It was awesome!
by xCLAMM JAMMERx January 09, 2012
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A sexual act consisting of one partner defecating into a pillow case. The case is then tied closed and used, pillow fight style, to beat the other partner.
Hey, did you hit that shit last night?
Ya, man, and when we finished, I gave her the old Bed, Bath, and Beyond.
by YBR H3 January 20, 2011
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Where you go to bed, take a bath, then dream about why you're bathing while you're asleep.
"He drowned in his sleep."
"He went to bed, bath, and beyond."
by Victor Gray March 17, 2010
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A phrase that plays on the store name Bed Bath & Beyond - used when you are completely tired, over and most importantly, DONE with someone/something.
Person A: Guess what? I told person C that you like them by accident, I'm so sorry.
Person B: I am bed bath and beyond done with you right now.
by BedBathAndBeyondDone September 14, 2013
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