A non-homosexual gesture performed on a person of the same sex that is a friend as a favor.
A:Dude, my girlfriend isn't putting out. Would you mind giving me a bro job?
B:Yeah sure dude. It won't be gay right?
A:Hell no it isn't gay! Now get to work!
by MyNameIsntHenry February 22, 2013
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A blowjob among a fellow a bro. It can only be initiated if your fellow bro, looks down as he is receiving the bro job, to assert this is just bros, helping a bro out, as you climax your bro must also swallow and say 2 magic words: "NO HOMO".
"DUde you looking pretty swole"

"Uh why you looking"

"Not like that dude, I mean no homo."

"Oh for sure. want to give me a bro job?"

"Fuck yea dawg."
by BRahhhhhD July 25, 2018
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A blowjob, but between two bros.
Hey man, no bromo, but do you want a bro job?
by C-3PBro October 20, 2017
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1. When a bro services another bro sexually either because they do not have girlfriends, or they are bored.
2. Engrish for blow job.
1. No chicks around...can I get a bro job?
2. You pay twenty five dorra fo bro job!
by Bringindowntheblouse May 7, 2015
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Like a Blow Job but it isn't gay because its called a bro job ;)
Guy 1: "Heard Tony gave Kyle a bro job in the bathroom last week"

Guy 2: "that's gay"

Guy 1: "No it's not, cuz he said bro"

Guy 2: *dies*
by Trashratboy69 August 16, 2020
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A blow job between two straight friends because one has blue balls and the other is just a real pal and helps him out.
Man, I haven't been laid in weeks, Timmy did give me a bro job last night to help me out though.
by Brick Riggid November 4, 2009
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When you and one of your bros get 2 ladies and get blow jobs in such a position that you can play patty cake with your bro.
"yo me and Jamie got awesome bro jobs from Jenny and Danielle but we stopped early cuz Jamie cums so fast
by wetdickallnight October 28, 2009
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