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Oral sex between two allegedly heterosexual male friends, particular when said friends are wasted. Abbrev: brohj
"So are you, like, gay now that Ernie sucked your wang?"

"No! It was totally just a bro job. I loves the ladies."
by Freddie Cougar December 09, 2005
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When a bro gives a blow job to another bro when one or more of the bros is experiencing a dry spell. Usually the phrase "no homo" is said beforehand to assert heterosexuality.
Eric: "Yo, Josh, are you up for a bro job? I haven't been laid in weeks!"
Josh: "Yeah, definitely bro. No homo, though."
by jee213 October 25, 2010
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A close male friend, giving a blowjob to another friend, in an un-gay way.
James: Oh man, I've been so depressed since Jamie broke up with me.

Josh: You know what you need?

James: Whats that?

Josh: A brojob.

James: I agree.
by Biankawolf December 18, 2009
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A non-homosexual gesture performed on a person of the same sex that is a friend as a favor.
A:Dude, my girlfriend isn't putting out. Would you mind giving me a bro job?
B:Yeah sure dude. It won't be gay right?
A:Hell no it isn't gay! Now get to work!
by MyNameIsntHenry February 21, 2013
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The straight, non-gay act of fellatio between two bros.
Hey bro, great job on the field today. I'll give you a brojob back in the change room
by MTofu June 07, 2011
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When two "bros" (really close friends) give each other oral sex, similar to experimentation.
Im horney as fudge, give me a mo' fo' bro-job!!!
by Mike the great July 20, 2015
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