A term that kids use sarcastically when talking
Me: "Wow you did a great job, Nathan!"
Nathan: "Oh for sure"
by gombardi September 06, 2017
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1. When one disregards everything another said.

2. A positive answer to an interrogative sentence.
1. "It was nice meeting your mother last week."
"OH SURE!!!"

2. "Would you like fries with that McChicken?"
"Oh, sure!!"
by Jomic Tracefield December 30, 2011
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A form of confirmation that is impossible to say non-sarcastically.
Person A: "Hey man, did you like that movie?"
Person 2: "oh sure totally."
by mmmmmmBilly April 26, 2017
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what you say when you werent listening to or dont understand or dont know how to answer the question asked OR when the answer is complicated and you dont feel like explaining it or when you have no straight-foward answer.
1) Wife: "Honey, what do you want for dinner?"
Husband: "what? oh, umm...yeah...sure."

2) 6th grader: "Dad, if 3 Xes equal 9 Zs, then how many Xs equal 1 Y?"
Dad: "what? oh, umm...yeah...sure."

3) Girlfriend: "Aren't these shoes just perfect?"
Boyfriend: "what? oh, umm...yeah...sure."

4) Obama supporter: "Did you vote for Obama? Why or why not?"
Mcain supporter: "what? oh, umm...yeah...sure."

5) Gay person: "What is your position on gay marrige?"
Straight person with gay family: "what? oh, umm...yeah...sure."
by ThatChickWhoKicks@$$ September 21, 2009
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a phrase you say when you are not interested at all in what a person is saying to you but you want to make it seem like you're listening
Person 1: "dude isn't (some random bullshit) crazy?!"
Person 2: "oh yeah man for sure"
by Owkfnrow October 23, 2019
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