Yo bro what are we drinking tonight?
Were gonna get a few 30 bricks of miller
by Crickett16 April 3, 2019
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John: yo that girl is a 10
Dylan: nah fam she’s a brick
by Therealcizz May 21, 2021
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A Brick ‘n’ half Is when you go for a shit an say that’s A Brick ‘n’ half that.
“That was A Brick ‘n’ half that one.
by Booland March 18, 2019
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Boomer bricked : when boomers break electronics through repeated attempts to fix it.
Mike Boomer bricked the telecom hardware by repeatedly power cycling it.
by Paceisawesome February 4, 2021
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A brick of cocaine formed by putting a lot of cocaine in a female's vagina, arousing her, then her her flex to form a brick.
Buyer: Yo you got any fresh box bricks?

Dealer: You know it, just made today. As always, they're extra.
by digital_phantom May 13, 2014
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A white female with too much of makeup and plastic botox , white,pale,model,stripper
Bro1: I dick burns from last night with that white stripper.
Bro2: that's what you get for fucking with that cement brick...
by Holeasfuck May 17, 2019
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Also known as a "Millwall brick" a weapon made of a rolled up and folded newspaper, used as a small club. Named after and mostly used by Millwall football hooligans as a stealth weapon
I hit him with a "Chelsea brick"
by Bigblokebarry69 November 5, 2020
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