To commit a petty crime in order to easily return to jail. This practice is commonly done in order to take advantage of the benefits of free housing, meals, etc. provided while being incarcerated.
Yo, b, I had to throw a brick so I could take another year to get my shit together in the clink.
by gonzobrains January 30, 2012
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When you are shooting in basketball and you keep missing and air balling and clunking it off the rim.
Awe man I'm throwing up bricks from the three point today!
by Swish4days November 06, 2015
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am old basketball term referring to a very lucky shot that has been made
Coach: Hey, did you see Greg throwing a brick in the basket?

Player: Yah, that was very lucky.
by munchkin10014 December 21, 2009
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When someone, some thing, or some place offends you enough or is so poor by comparison to another such person, thing or place that the most logical reciprocation, sometimes ironically, is to smash the door with a blunt, heavy, nearby projectile such as a mason's brick, creating an inconvenience (and, if the door was glass, a safety hazard) such that the interested parties are coerced into correcting said problem.
My Aunt's eggs and grits are so good that it makes you want to drive by IHOP and throw a brick at the door.
by SleeplessInSeattle October 22, 2013
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The most humane act ever made! This will make every single kinky human being alive laugh!

by Weiward Prince May 18, 2017
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Decide one's mind to complete or achieve something
"He has to throw over the brick wall to prove his ability."
by NFSzeno February 05, 2015
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