(noun) A Briar is a reference used in southwest Ohio and southeast Indiana to refer to a white person of Kentucky (usually Eastern Kentucky)and sometimes even East Tennessee, Virginia or West Virginia heritage. The term has a certain amount of irony because much of the areas where the term is used are chock-full of Briars. It's the N-word of white folks in parts of the Upper South. If you are a Briar, you may call another Briar a Briar, but if you are not a Briar and call another a Briar, them are fighin' words! "Briar" is especially well known in Dayton Ohio.
Darryll is a real Briar. He lives in Drexel and his ex-wives live in Riverside and Northridge. He has an old El Camino up on blocks outside his house and an ancient upholstered sofa on his front porch. He has three dogs and a chain-link fence around the perimeter of his property and they bark on a regular basis. He has a long extension cord on a portable TV so he can sit on the porch, drink Milwaukee's Best and watch NASCAR. His Momma Darlene lives in East Dayton with her third husband, Larry. Darryll, who is on disability from GM, is living with Kathy Lou, who is divorced from Harold. His ex-wives are Glenda and Brenda. They are twins and Kathy Lou is their cousin. Larry is related to Darryll on Darryll's daddy's side.
by Marthakay May 2, 2008
Briar is a term used in SouthWest Ohio similar to redneck with an exception, they graduated high school. A Briar is smarter than a redneck but only slightly. They drive Chevys, and Fords ONLY and sometimes a Dodge . Why? Well the answer's simple because it's "Amurican"(Am-er-i-can, with a dip in). Like rednecks they drink beer, hunt, and build shit. Except their beer isn't Budweiser, when they hunt they don't just use guns, they also use bows, and when they build shit it actually stays up. When they come across a problem they figure it out and fix it. They never take their cars in for an oil change or to get their tires rotated, because they do it themselves. Pretty much they get shit done. Briars don't wear camo they dress like normal everyday people so they're not easily identified. On rare nights when the moons just right, you might just see one on their porch as the light glistens off the can of beer as it meets their lips. They say worsh instead of wash, pop instead of soda, supper instead of dinner, and ol' lady instead of wife. Briars are often found to be a mommas boy.
That briar and his son built their shed, it would of looked better if they just bought one.

Did you see Joe's deck? That Briar made it out of spare wood.

I don't know how he fixed it but thanks to that briar it runs like a dream.
by ShotgunsNBeer January 8, 2015
Briar is an awesome, outgoing girl who is a great friend to every one. She is energetic and is really good at sports. She likes to hang out with friends and likes to enjoy anything that she does with relatives and friends. Also she will take care of you and will have your back through anything.
heyy look over there that looks like Briar because she looks like shes having fun!
by Watties!! April 3, 2011
1) A type of thorn/shrub that is typically irritating and painful due to its barbs and tenacious nature.

2) Another name for Aurora, or Sleeping Beauty, the disney princess.

3) The name of a female who may or may not exhibit similar characteristics to the plant and who may be caustic, self-centered, emotional, fickle, and the most amazing artist, writer, sister, and best friend you could ever ask for.
1) I tripped through a patch of briars and that's why my face is bleeding.

2) Only the kiss of her prince could wake Briar from the witch's evil spell.

3) Dammit, Briar, can you stop being such an attention-whore for a moment and give me some space??!
by Skemj January 18, 2009
An unbelievably gorgeous boy who has ringlets for hair and big, blue eyes. With an outgoing personality and a cherubic smile, he is an angel in disguise. Briar's really enjoying rocking out. They are electronic genuises and reject conformity. If you have a Briar in your life, thank your lucky stars because they are few and far between.
I can't believe you are playing Guitar Hero when you are only 3 years old- that is so Briar of you!
by Starshine Ashbourne February 3, 2010
A female minor who lies about their age, usually for sex with older males.

Also can be used as a slang term for somebody who sleeps with many partners (see slag or slut)
I hate that girl, she is a real briar
by Anonymous tipster :) September 14, 2007