(n) An American nationalist who believes so firmly in America that when one has stated an aspect of another culture is superior to America's equivalent, they have committed the ultimate sin. Amurican's hold a similar belief about those who have admire an aspect of a nation that, at one time or another, has defied us, this includes: Russia, Germany, Dems Japos in China, Great Britain, France, Aladdin, and the Mexicanese. Amuricans can be recognized by a trucker hat, sleaveless teeshirt, raging hard-ons when in the presence of nice cars, and still finding the phrase Git-r-done Hi-frickin'-larious.
Amurican 1 - I saw my boy, Larry, playin' ninja with his friends, I told him that he shouldn't act like that because those Chinas bombed our Pearl Harbor.

Amurican 2 - I shot my wife when she said she liked rice better than corn...
by Sir Brad June 23, 2008
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