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Drexel is a university with an extremely small campus. We also live in the shadow of UPenn, but as a nice consequence some of our programs are integrated with ours, so we basically get Ivy League services without actually going there.

Utilizing the co-op system of working as an intern for companies during some semesters while taking classes in others makes your resume virtually unbeatable, since employers seem to value "past experience" far more than your actual degree.

Our mascot is the Dragon, Mario the Magnificent. So not only is he named after one of the greatest video game characters of all time, our mascot is a dragon. A freaking dragon, people. We'll burn your ass.

Our basketball team is t3h awesome but the NCAA judges don't like us, thus our lack of appearance in brackets. We lack a football team, which is better because people actually pay attention to other sports besides it. If you want football so bad, go buy some fucking Eagles tickets or flip on the TV. They're right over there, at the LINC.

Drexel > Temple > Everyone else.

Drexel puts great emphasis on its engineering, science and business programs. Nearly all the spending goes there. Art students are almost a different entity at Drexel; you have to look pretty damn hard to find them.

NOTE for potential applicants; Drexel's Physics program is EVIL.
1. Drexel University > Temple/Upenn, Ooh, an OWL! We have a fucking DRAGON, BITCHES!

"Drexel Basketball with another great season, folks! Too bad no one will admit that we are just hella better!"

Drexel Shaft; happens all too often.
by Swiftblade April 08, 2007
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A hot fucking nigga with a good heart. And looks hot as hell. And gotta ass too. Drexel is a boy who is truthful but funny. You need a Drexel in your fucking life!
β€œHave u seen DREXEL today? β€œ
β€œNo, I miss him he’s so cute! β€œ
β€œI know right!”
by Supdude June 09, 2018
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A loser. Typically someone who tries really hard to succeed, but ultimately fails. Most of the time, Drexel's don't deserve their failings, it just happens.
"Hey Jim, did you hear Calvin stayed up all night studying for his Chemistry test, but still got a D?"
"Omg He is such a Drexel."

by MheadGriff December 07, 2008
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