Briana is an amazing friend to have. She is caring, loving (as a friend maybe also as a partner idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) and sweet. Briana loves K-pop, K-pop drama, art and anime. Briana has long straight black hair and she's pretty.
Hey Briana, how was your K-pop concert?
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by KennyDaddy69 September 14, 2018
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Briana is the naked one at parties. A briana is always willing to take her clothes off for no apparent reason. Usually brianas are a lot of fun to have around, but do not take them to charity events or your parents house.
guy 1: Why is Joey taking his clothes off?
guy 2: Oh, he's pulling a Briana again.
by therealwink March 27, 2009
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She's a manipulater, basically a sociopath. At first she comes off as nice, loving, and caring but once you get to know her she is mean and a bully. She will try to control you but once she doesn't have control of you anymore, she will try to manipulate the way people feel about you. Be careful of toxic people like that. ( I hope other Brianas could be nice but in my experience this is what happened to me)
I don't think all Brianas are like that. Only the one that was my "friend"
by Yourmomgay 123 November 28, 2018
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a fly ass bitch who looks good wherever she is seen. often spotted with multiple hot friends and can be seen at local dunkin donuts making plans with everyone that never go through resulting in hours of talking and doing nothing. she loves her bronzer and marlboro menthol lights or whatever cigarettes are cheaper at the moment. briana is down to drink alcoholic beverages any day at any hour, and favors an alcoholic energy drink called four locos and captain morgan spiced rum. this tiny girl packs a big mouth and an even bigger clan and watch out because they get viscious. may sometimes have trouble swallowing the amount of spit in her mouth due to fast talking and may result in some drooling. this bitch is so fucken fun and life would be so boring without this little ball of sunshine!
*that bitch is drunk of her ass and drooling slightly, she must be a briana.

*that briana is sitting in the dunkin donuts parking lot putting on bronzer and smoking menthol cigarettes

*she must be a briana because her and her clan of hot friends are ready to crack some fucken skulls
by bk1220 April 09, 2010
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is a total bitch and always befriends everyone. "briana" is the long term name for "bri". she is very short and has dark, straight hair. once you first start becoming friends with her, she is all nice, funny and fun to be around until you become "good" friends with her, she is going to start picking fights with you and blame stupid ass shit on you for absolutely nothing. she will talk trash about you when you think you both are best friends and shit. I recommend not becoming close friends with briana's because she is a backstabber.
"That Briana! She freaking started this shitty drama with me for no reason."
by tjclhc123 November 25, 2016
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