A brown haired girl with gorgeous eyes.Shea is athletic,smart and beautiful!Shea's are great best friends especially when you need them most.Shea's can be sneaky and cunning so watch out!Otherwise Shea's have great personality's and will never let you down.A Shea can make a great girlfriend!If you find a shea In your life never let her go,She will always be worth your while.Shea's are full of life and beauty!If you have a shea in your life cherish her!A Shea is someone you can always trust.
Ben: Can I trust her?

Amanda:of course! She's a shea!
by Unknown_6720 December 30, 2014
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A Shea is a person that people can easily look over and regret it. A Shea can be one of the best friends you could ask to have in a girl. Shea's are cute, adorable, and very nice, and if treated right, can be a companion for life. If you ever come across a Shea, then cherish her, and love her. Not my Shea though, she's mine.
"Shea, if you're reading this, you're one of the best things to happen to me"
by ScroogeMcFuckItAll August 9, 2018
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Shea's are generally great people. They are high energy when around their peers, but can loose energy rapidly when isolated. When talking to a Shea you are usually going to be the listener. In phone conversations they can be overbearing, and dominate the conversation. Leaving you to say nothing but the ocational "yeah". When listening, Shea's will listen briefly and comment then continue with some other issue of theirs before you're finished. They are quite loveable, besides their uncanny ability to control a conversation. Shea's are great performers, although they wont believe you when told. They always have a glowing appearance and good makeup. If you are fortunate enough to know a Shea, you will have to answer phone calls at 3 in the morning, but will have a friend for life.
Joan: "That girls an awesome singer!"
Mark: "Yeah. Don't tell her though. She will only think your lying. That's Shea."
by Texaaaas1985 August 6, 2009
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A young man beyond his years. His smile bright like the stars. His arms like a warm blanket, bringing comfort and feelings of love. He’s extremely handsome, he carries himself well. He’s sympathetic, and always have great advice. His words touch deep into your soul. He’s a listener, but when he talks you can’t help but feel his every word. His voice soothing. His scent , his touch, you fall in love with it all. He’s been through stuff, he’s tough. He’s strong. He does his best, which is the best out of anyone. He’s amazing. You should never let him go.
Shea is amazing. Never let him go.
by Love to live for September 11, 2019
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Shea is a total flipping hot ass he is so handsome that all the girls think that he is beautiful . When girls see him they will faint ! He is a gift from god to all girls!
Yess such a nice guy Shea is a guy that is very nice
by Sheab big guy November 17, 2017
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ie. " So Shea right now
.... "
" Take it face value she's hella Shea"
by LJPS July 30, 2008
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the act of doing olympic-like moves in the bedroom
my wife pulled a shea when she swung around the bed post and landed right on Mr. Woinker.
by katelyn March 11, 2005
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