A sexy young lady who is bold, fierce, rude, and loud. A Bria loves to party and she will be the weirdest person there. So if u meet a Bria, consider yourself to be with a Demi- God
Alan: Party tonight at my house, Bria's coming
Ryan: Damn, Bria's coming. I'm in
by Queenbri223 March 15, 2017
A pretty girl that will speak her mind when ever and where ever she wants to . She loves to dance and party but don't have time for goofys
Did you say Bria's going to the party , I'm going to then
by Briaa December 23, 2016
If you ever meet a Bria keep her.Bria's are very sexy and is nice and sweet until you really get on her nerves.She's a really great girlfriend to have and will always follow her own rules.Most Bria's are thicc and has some boobs.She's also the life of the party when she comes and makes alot of friends really easily.So if you ever meet a Bria you must be lucky!
Dude-Bro Bria's coming to my party!

Person-Really!?I'm in that girls a dream!
by Lol itz meh November 3, 2019
a smart, short,beautiful,fine as hell, girl who would make the best girlfriend ever.she is a girl who boyr adore and evryone has had a crush on her at one point in time. she follows her one rules and isnt afraid to say whats on her mind.
Alex: you see her?
Josh; who her the fine as hell one?
Alex: she looks like a bria.
Josh: I know if she is a bria then i would tap that.
Alex: not before me
by brialover February 25, 2008
A girl that looks like a big schnack or a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ banquet
Damn that girl bria a big schnack
by Codeinecastle February 9, 2017
An attractive female
A funny girl who makes people laughs
That girl in my class is such a bria
by bashly May 20, 2008
a mega fine girl, who is sometimes bossy and stubborn. But does take everyones thought into consideration.
And she always gon have that fine booty.
"did you see Bria she looking fiinnneeee AF"
by breezebaby June 3, 2018