verb. to receive favors, sexual in nature, from a female. Does not pertain to a committed relationship, but rather refers to casual, spontaneous sexual foreplay. Does not include intercourse, but instead, everything leading up to intercourse. Derives from the English word snack, and is rooted in the analogy to eating food. Where to snack is to eat food in a smaller proportion than a full meal, to schnack is to engage in sexual activity to a lesser extent than actual intercourse.
noun. referring to an attractive, young female, highlighted by overall body firmness and an attractive face. Usually referred to as "a schnack" or "schnackable"
Verb- "When I go out to bars on the weekends, I enjoy schnacking girls rather than having sex, because I always forget a condom."

Noun- "Rachel McAdams is probably the biggest current schnack in Hollywood."

Hybrid- "Minneapolis is a great city to find a lot of schnacks, but the difficult part is finding schnacks that are promiscuous enough to allow guys to schnack them."
by David A. Cohen May 3, 2007
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Word usually meaning: Pathetic, homosexual, loser, loves me etc.
Originated in a colony of gay British sailors off the cost of Africa. The word eventually got out and became a common last name.
"Whats that guys name?"
"Brian schnack"
"Ha, what a pathetic homosexual loser"
by Unknown8000 January 8, 2008
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Term of abuse for dirty working class types Dubliners, favoured by the middle classes who live near the DART line and have never travelled on the Nitelink. A combination of scumbag and knacker.
"I don't want to go to drinking in Ringsend, it's full of schnacks, let's go to Dalkey instead."
by Taz April 13, 2005
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Dublin, Ireland Slang.

A combination of scumbag and knacker
You're nothing but a fuckin' schnack
by Stephen O'Hora April 13, 2005
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A good evening shnack is something my 3rd hour teacher likes to make me pass out everyday, only cost 25 cents and is normally FUCKING SHIT! but sometimes tasty.
Mr.Ingles: madison pass out the schnack please (in a sped voice)

Me: commoonn!

Mr. Ingles: ay, get to it. (in a sped voice)
by PENISS<3 June 13, 2010
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Usually the lastname of a club member. Schnack is the name of a person who is gay and ugly.
Schnack is definetly leader of the club
by YoloSwagKingKongZombieKiller January 23, 2019
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1. Someone who is larger than the average person

2. Food
*large person walks passed you* “SCHNAACCCKKKSSS

“I’m about to go make me some schnacks
by Jaden Brock September 13, 2019
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