the most beautiful, nice, sweet, funny person. She has an exotic beauty and gets along with everyone.
by fhsdfikzdfhj December 17, 2010
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too little and cute to be scary. ie - sometimes innocent 0=)
That butterfly is so Bri!
by Kackie and Jaryl February 19, 2003
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Bri is a strong and beautiful girl that will steal your heart. She’s very tough, if you happened to argue with her, she would win. Any guy that’s lucky enough to date her and get out alive when they break up is a unit. Any guy who gets the chance to talk to her without getting viciously roasted by her is a legend and his name will go down in history. She probably won’t listen to your problem unless you’re one of her VERY good friends so if you’re not one of her good friends don’t bother because you’ll either get roasted or drop kicked. The choice is Bri’s. If Bri happens to be on her period, do NOT talk to her unless you want to get sent to A&E. Bri doesn’t put people before her. She is a rich person and is very selfish. Bri has a dark yet decent sense of humour and has a dreamy smile and laugh. You’ll rarely see her smile unless she’s with one of her VERY good friends, aka her private cult. She is great to have around if you’re one of her VIP Friends because there’s a 50% 50% chance that she’ll stand up for you if you get roasted. Bri has an excellent future ahead of her. She will likely become very, very rich because of how intelligent she is. If you’re a Bri, consider yourself amazing! Bri’s are amazing people, and one of the best people to have around!

Author of ‘From the Rift’, SparkleStriderx
‘’Did you hear about Sparkle challenging Bri to a scrap?’’

‘’Oh, yeAH, I did. Bri won.’’

by SparkleStriderxWATTPADADDME March 10, 2019
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Hands down the most beautiful woman in the world. She has eyes that light up a dim room, a smile that can be seen from a mile away, hair that would make an angel jealous, and the body of a Greek goddess. Don’t let that overshadow her loving heart, hard work ethic, and ability to make anyone smile. She is literally the reason that cavemen drew on walls.
I heard Ryan is with Bri. What a lucky man he is!
by Macintosh March 05, 2019
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The nicest, cutest girl you will ever meet. Bri (or Brianna) is confident and strives to help others. Even though this hottie has a boyfriend, many eager boys will chase after her. She's a natural leader and if in charge everything goes according to planned. Everyone tries to impress and respect Bri. If annoyed, Bri will just brush it off and is here to help if you need it. When you become Bri's friend, she will have your back. Luckily, Bri easily makes friends. Normally, Bri has a devotion to only one thing. Only one thing she commits to and works hard at. If you boys (or girls) ever meet a Bri, hold on to her, treat her like family. Bri's are rare and if you get the chance to be her boyfriend you should be the proudest and luckiest person on earth. Be careful because if you are disloyal to Bri she won't accept you again. Be wise with your Bri if you ever get the chance to be hers.
by hahaSorryThanatos November 26, 2018
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