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A girl too cute, too perfect, too unique, and petite. She's a definate good choice in being with. She's a beauty inside and out without a doubt.
If I was with that bri I'd be livin life.
by Calacat October 07, 2008
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A girl that is amazing in so many different ways. If you are ever her freind or boyfriend then consider yourself a lucky person. She may be hard to deal with sometimes but she is more than worth
Dude you know bri if you don't then you should she's the most amazing girl you'll ever meet in your life and she hawt af
by Bri lovin November 30, 2014
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Bri is a gorgeous, incredible, and outstanding person who has a beautiful heart. Any guy that dates her or even just gets the chance to talk to her is lucky. She will listen to your problem when you're sad, no matter if she is sad herself. She puts people before her. Bri has an AMAZING sense of humor and has an incredible laugh and smile. She has a smile that will make you want to smile if you're sad. She is so fun to be around. Bri has a great and bright future ahead of her. She will be famous for having an OUTSTANDING singing voice. She will melt your heart when you hear her sing. :)
Did you hear Bri sing?
Have you seen Bri around lately? I miss her beautiful face. :)
by Girl with a heart July 09, 2011
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Bri is an amazing girl that is the prettiest girl in a boys eye.She can make people's days amazing and nights that no one would forget.The boyfriend to have her is really lucky.Bri is an amazing girl that is drop dead gorgeous!!!
Hey is that Bri?
Yea man she is amazing!
by Rileymp1627 March 30, 2015
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Bri is an amazing person to be around. If one of your friends has this nickname you know they're amazing. Bri is gorgeous and just has a hilarious personality. She is always there for you when you most need her. She keeps her head held high and makes sure everyone around her is happy no matter what mood she is in.
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