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A beautiful girl with the most gorgeous blue eyes in the whole world! She's the nicest person you'll ever meet. And gets along with everyone. She has the best sense of humor ever and makes everyone smile! Her dimples are adorable! A Bri will fall for a Danny and won't ever regret it. She falls for people quickly and once she's with someone she loves, she will do her best to stay with him for ever and ever! And if the relationship ever does end, it would be the guy who ended it because a Bri doesn't break hearts. <3 A Bri is in love with a Danny
Guy: Woah did you see that girl over there?
Friend: Yeah! That's Bri! I'd do anything to be with a Bri. I'd also do anything for her!

Guy: Ahhhh me too bro, me too!
by H34rtS May 29, 2012

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