The former guitarist/backup vocalist from Panic! At The Disco. Also, the only man I know who can apply eye makeup better than me.
Ryan Ross is super cute! He can also apply eye makeup better than I can, but okay.
by Amelie Pond Urie November 21, 2013
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"Did you see what Ryan Ross tweeted?"

"I know! That beautiful, majestic dolphin."
by hadtheworld June 22, 2012
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Another way to say daddy.
The form of being too sexy to handle you're now a daddy (Ryan Ross)
Damn... look at how Ryan Ross that person looks.

I have a Ryan Ross kink
by NastyNirvanakilljoy August 26, 2017
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extremely talented and intellegent lyricist and guitarist of Panic At The Disco who owns many amazing hobbit scarves and Writes confusing songs with words that sound like he randomly looked them up on Wikidictionary...he is amazing and one of the founding members of Panic
random person-OMG, where did u find those awesome scarves
ryan ross-i stole them from Frodo when i was in the Shire
brendon-ry, i cant think of any words to rhyme with orange
ry-try randomly searching words on Wikidictionary
random person- *stares blankly at Ryan's total awesomeness*
by igloosluvthedisco March 16, 2009
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Ryan Ross is the creator of milk, and makes fans of Panic! At the Disco have Ovary Explosions. It's a rare case, that only few can cause. Brendon Urie, Josh Dun, Tyler Joseph, Ryan Ross, Andy Biersack, and Pete Wentz are just some of them. Ryan Ross is also the human heaven and sunshine rainbow muffin.
by SmolGeesusWay July 20, 2017
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Nicknamed Ryro among fans. The talented former lyricist/guitarist/backup vocals of Panic! At the Disco. He is now 25, and a member of The Young Veins, along with John Walker (Jwalk), another former member of Panic! A lot of people speculated that he was dating Brendon Urie (lead singer of Panic!), and while these rumors were denied multiple times, some people still hold on to the belief that they are meant to be.

He wrote many of Panic!'s songs, including Nails For Breakfast, Tacks for Snacks and Camisado, both of which are about his alcoholic father. He also really likes Chuck Palahniuk, as is evident by some of his songs.
Ryan Ross is a lovely description of the word adorkable. Actually, so is Brendon Urie.

Many fangirls love the idea of 'Ryden', or 'Rydon', though I don't get it. It could just be the appeal of two cute guys hooking up, but then you want them to be straight so there's a marginally bigger chance of them wanting to nail you. I think it's as hot as the next girl, but I'd rather them be straight.

Ryan Ross can rock the guyliner.
by Therapeutic.Chain.Of.Events November 11, 2011
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perfection and he is our milk and cheeze whiz god
*moans in Gerard Way* Ryan Ross is the actual meaning of perfection
by rydenshipper_2009 May 8, 2018
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