A dangerous game teenagers play. The point of the game is to take a selfie while a train is coming at you and (obviously) you can't get hit. Whoever can get the closest to a train wins.
We went breezing, it was so scary. I ain't doin that again.
by rraaayy May 19, 2015
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standing very close to train tracks when a fast moving train moves past, feeling the air pressure wave and wind, getting an adrenaline rush
"When Eric hears the train horn, going to the tracks to get his breezing rush"
by Enzomac August 11, 2014
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The act of hitting an Aspire Breeze version 1 or 2 in class , home or in any other setting .
Yo Bro did you see k-dawg breezing in class?
Ya bro that shit was savage asf
by YBK47 August 02, 2018
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