The feeling you feel when you don't feel. When you've given up on all love, hope and faith and you know there's not a way to get over it. You feel that there is actually nothing left in you.
Hey what's wrong ? You haven't left your bed all day.

I don't know, I just feel broken inside ever since that accident.
by whocaresanymore08 July 22, 2015
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It is when someone hurts you so bad that you give up. You act like everything’s fine and you smile and you laugh and everyone thinks your perfectly ok. But on the inside, everything is shattered and you just want to die, you just want to kill yourself because you don’t think that anything’s left, you feel alone and empty and it hurts and you don’t even know why. Everything’s broken! How can anything hurt now?! That’s the feeling you have and then you get a new boy/girlfriend and they tape everything up and they fix it all, but they don’t actually fix it all. And every once in awhile that broken part of you on the inside comes out. And then you have to explain to them who hurt you and why your still broken. And then they don’t understand and they think your so dumb and stupid and that you still have feelings for the person that broke you, but you don’t! And they don’t get it because they aren’t broken. But you are broken! And then you cover it up again but every once in awhile that broken side is always gonna show. And you can’t do anything about it, it’s a part of you now. Once you’ve been broken on the inside. There’s no going back. You will be broken until you find someone strong enough to not just tape everything back together. But superglue it all back together with their love. And if you don’t find that special someone, then you’ll be broken forever.
Girlfriend-I’m broken on the inside babe
Boyfriend-Do you still have feelings for that guy? Because you shouldn’t still be broken after 7 months of dating me

Girlfriend-you don’t understand
Boyfriend- yeah sure whatever
by Meadow Hilderbrand December 11, 2017
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