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The concept of liming encompasses any leisure activity entailing the sharing of food and drink, the exchange of tall stories, jokes and anecdotes etc., provided the activity has no explicit purpose beyond itself.
It is a good excuse to go liming.....
by sxmmartini August 13, 2007
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To add to some of the fantastic definitions, Liming is part of the culture of Trinidad and Tobago, where people come together to β€œlime”.
In a gathering of this nature which takes place anytime at all and every Friday evening, questions like β€œhow is the family?” β€œare the kids doing well?” are not the usual subject of conversation, while it is touch upon, liming is better phrased as banter, funny replies to questions, individuals make light about politics and current social issues and even dabble on who is "horning"who, what is going on politically without it becoming a serious subject; alchoholic drinks are sometimes involved and funny replies, you say or listen to chatter on a variety of social subjects including politics that are very entertaining and relevant to the subject at hand,” picong” It is a way we live and socially accept each other. There is a "girls lime" a "boys lime" a "river lime" a "birthday lime" any kind of lime is possible. People would "lime" anytime. It is a social coming together of a posse where almost anyone is easily invited. Come lime with us!
Aye them fellas cooking duck and liming down the road, I will see all yuh later.

Hey we having a girls lime at the club on Saturday night! Who's in?! I will call the posse.
by Willow Bugg July 23, 2019
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Liming is a phase that you go through with someone you have feelings for. Its like a 'test' relationship before you make things 'official'. You get to know each other a lot better. Through that phase you might realize how strongly you guys have feelings for each other.
1.Jade and Halem aren't just friends, they're liming, but not an official couple as yet.
2. Those two are liming, they just aren't "together"

3. They're liming, just that they are afraid of what will happen if they make it official.
by VincyGirlM May 27, 2018
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The act of consensual intercourse with a lime
" what are you doing today man?"
"nothing much, probably gonna end up liming tonight"
by Liming on your face April 14, 2017
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v. The act of downloading a file using illicit file-sharing software of some sort. e.g. Napster, Kazaa, Limewire.

See also: Lime, Liming Tax
"I wish he wouldn't keep liming all this music. He'll get caught one day."
by eXDax October 17, 2007
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the process of downloading information such as music or videos (i.e. using limewire or another downloading source)
"I'm liming some tunes onto my computer. I can burn you a CD later, if you want."
by Tara B January 12, 2007
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