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Bree is a girl who is unforgettable. She lights up a room right when she walks in to it. Bree is the girl everyone dreams to be. She's a goddes and is truly amazing. She makes guys drool. Everyone wants to hang out with her and talk to her. She isn't the popular girl, she's the under study for the popular girl. Sure she isn't perfect but she's still worth it. She is a drama queen at times but she gets over it.
1. Dude, look it's Bree
by LoveMeLIkeYouDo January 11, 2015

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The hottest girl you will ever meet. She is funny and outgoing. You will want to be her best friend and make out with her all the time. OMFG She is like the sun.. so HOT
Dude be cool Bradee is coming
by LoveMeLIkeYouDo December 01, 2014

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