One who is a next level pussy/cuck. For times when calling one a pussy/cuck simply will not do.
"Can you believe Drew apologized to the woke mob a SECOND time?? Man, what a fkn brees."
"Look at Johnny over there all passed out after taking 3 shots. What a brees!"
"I walk in on you having sex with another man and you think I'm taking you back? Think I'm some kind of brees or something? GTFOH
by boodism June 05, 2020
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A type of inhale screaming death metal, hardcore, grindcore and experimental vocalists use to make a sound of a pig squealing
Example bands: Job for a cowboy and Dr.acula
bree bree queee
-growl- breeee
by bobbarkerlol October 09, 2007
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Language used by the secret society of Zombrees. Bree is very similar to the English language but for every word that has an "E" sound in it, it is replaced with the word bree.
Zombree 1: Dude, how old are you?

Zombree 2: I just turned twenty bree on the bree of may

by Stoney Shaun December 12, 2007
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Male: a fully absorbed asshole, who focuses on himself and his less than notable sexual prowess, but continues to flaunt his dick without a condom. e,g. Ysa self-absorbed absentee baby daddy.
Bree thinks his dick is gold but forgera what that means after conception.
by rainyandgray December 06, 2019
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n. Slang term for the ejaculitory liquids.
v. To ejaculate or orgasim

This term originated due to the similarity between the smells of bree cheese and semen.
She was coverd in Bree
I'm gonna Bree in your mouth.
I Bree-ed in her hair.
I want to Bree on your chest.
She covered me in Bree.
Oh! I just Bree-ed my pants.
My wife won't let me Bree in her ass.
She let me Bree on her face.
by The Dark Lord of Bass March 27, 2007
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