An either inhale or exhale variation of "screaming" used to signify pigs going to the slaughter. This is also known as a pig squeal. They are performed by vocalists in deathmetal/grindcore bands (As Blood Runs Black, Skinless, Job For a Cowboy, Arsonist Get All The Girls etc). The pitch of the squeal can vary. Deathmetal bands tend to keep squeals lower. Grindcore bands usually have them higher. The sound of the squeal refers to it's name "bree".
1. Hey dude, listen to him bree, that's fucken brutal!
by Zachary Smith March 15, 2008
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she is so great, she is- you can't even explain how great she is, she's thiccc and she is a walking icon/meme
Boy1: yo, look! it's a Bree
Boy2: no way
by shecocool July 18, 2018
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The sound in metal/hardcore music made by inhaling hard to make a faux pig squeal.
Job For A Cowboy "Breeeeeeeee"

"His bree was ridiculous"
by David Crow October 30, 2007
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A noise made my metal singers, similar to growling, without being an actual word.
"*heavy guitar* BREEBREEBREEBREE *more heavy guitar* BREEEEEEEEEEEEE"
by SinnAngel December 30, 2007
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- "Sup bree? You gon' fuck dat bitch tonight?"

- "Hell yee bree, you know it!"
by GrooveCruise August 02, 2012
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