Bree is girl who is smart and athletic. Guys who call her “sexy” or “hot” won’t have a chance. She has a lot of friends, most of them are annoying, but she doesn’t care. She can be annoying and boring at most times, but she does know how to make people smile!
Bree is so nice, I’m glad to have a friend like her! :)
by ThisGirlWuvsYou87 January 07, 2018
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the sexiest person alive. every guy wants her but none are worthy of her love except for a few. She kicks ass!!!
that girls is such a bree!!
i really think ur a bree and i was wondering if you would go to prom w/ me?....(she of course says no)
by breezy babii March 10, 2008
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an awesome girl. gorgeous smart creative cool fun unique independant confident

a great friend to everyone.
the one every guy wants.
the one every girl wants to be.
Guy one: u rather have 5 girls or Bree?
Guy two: U know my answer.
Guy one: ya i know, Bree.
Guy two: who'd want anyone else?

by JayyjayyM July 18, 2009
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Bree is an amazing and highly intelligent species of human. A nocturnal animal Brees like to hunt in packs and while in the "hunting party" their diet mainly consists of liquids. Once the "hunting" is complete Brees will hibernate until the next night unless they have pack matters to attend to. Their voracious appitite is only out done by their beauty. Many other creates have been enthralled by their eyes and once this happens that creature is theirs.
That Bree is about to attack, brace for impact !
by Botox4thesoul June 28, 2009
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Another synonym for the original term, "Brother" which eventually changed to "Bro" for shortness and simplicity. This term is usually stated with a minor accent and in a brief manner; however, it can also be stated slower to provide a smoother end from the mouth.

This term has been passed down from generation to generation, from bro to bro, bruh to bruh, gro to gro, and now finally--bree to bree.

This term is not solely used as a girl's nickname; however, it can also be used that way in order to present herself in a more masculine manner.
Bree, step up your game, bree.

Bree, you're all bark and no bite.

Bree, please, forreal bree?

Bree, you almost smacked another bree, bree.
by Iron Pan October 29, 2014
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An either inhale or exhale variation of "screaming" used to signify pigs going to the slaughter. This is also known as a pig squeal. They are performed by vocalists in deathmetal/grindcore bands (As Blood Runs Black, Skinless, Job For a Cowboy, Arsonist Get All The Girls etc). The pitch of the squeal can vary. Deathmetal bands tend to keep squeals lower. Grindcore bands usually have them higher. The sound of the squeal refers to it's name "bree".
1. Hey dude, listen to him bree, that's fucken brutal!
by Zachary Smith March 15, 2008
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