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45. Drives either an SUV or a minivan. Can be found complaining to managers at either Burger King, or any McDonald's with a play area. Drinks crappy wine with her other non-working mom friends at book club and posts stupid memes on Instagram. Has a husband who works an office job and makes all the money for her. Karen's can also be found on forums on the internet talking about how much they hate Fortnite, social media especially tik tok, and their husbands. Karens also own a variety of Walmart running shoes which they wear 24/7.
Burger king worker 1: Oh damn it, here comes that mom in the workout gear and running shoes, I wonder what she has to say, she's already ordered.

Burger King worker 2: Bet her name is Karen

Mom: Can I speak to the manager?

Burger king worker 2: I rest my case
by sebo69 May 03, 2020

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A term used by roadmen and wannabe roadmen alike to ask "whats going on?". First used in the Caribbean probably in the 90s, and has made its way over to England. If someone is not from either London, Jamaica, or Cuba, and they use wagwan, they likely watch top boy and or listen to grime music from the 2000s. Make no mistake, this work is acceptable among social interactions with your boys but in any formal interaction, using this word to greet someone is suicide. To use this word you must also wear a man bag that probably carries your splif and a nike tracksuit.
Dealer: Yo fam

Buyer: Wagwan, you got it?

Dealer: Yeah fam (tosses buyer a bag)
by sebo69 May 05, 2020

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The total lack of brain cells in a specific group
retardation corrupts those guys
by sebo69 June 03, 2019

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Ur boy. The guy who you feel comfortable with, and want to socialize with. He's probably been your friend for a long time, and greeting him as bredda will inform him you like him, and view him as your equal.
Guy 1: Yo

Guy 2: Wagwan my bredda
by sebo69 May 06, 2020

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