A term of endearment/affection commonly used within the Southwest Philadelphia area amoung young adult males (ages 18-35.
What's up Breast?
Nothing Breast.
Yo Breast, grab me a stog and the lighter.
by Kelldog June 17, 2004
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John said, "I am currently dating a breasted person named Mary."
by Sir Rantsalot December 06, 2009
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slang used by sws instead of beast... sounds better
holy shit that was breast!
by greg November 10, 2004
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The large, soft, fluffy feathers found inside the foot of an egg.
These breasts are great when cooked.
by Jason A February 18, 2003
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Great punching bags, if of adequate size
"Damn thoses breasts are so big that if I punched them I would knock her out!"
by Ishboo June 28, 2006
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