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When you lay a woman on her back, stick your penis in her vagina, and proceed to pound into her like a bunny on crack. Only considered "Bravehearting" if, upon climax, you shout "FREEDOOOOM!"
This is an example of Bravehearting. FREEDOOOOOM!
by CYS August 16, 2013
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When you rip off your top (optional), paint your face blue (optional) and run around town shouting "Freeeeeeeeeeedoooooooom!". A bit like a berserk scotsman trying to terrify the English in their many battles .
SIMON: "Jesus, holy Mary the mother of God and the twelve deisciples! Rebekah, did you see that?! What the crap was it?"

REBEKAH: "I think that was Max, Simon. He's been stuck in the library. He must have finished his coursework and has just seen daylight for the first time in months. Now he's off bravehearting around town like Mel Gibson in that movie about those people"
by brownsource September 20, 2016
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