a town where white kids think they're black.
Dude have you ever been to Branford?
Nah, it's too rachet.
by someonewithexperience February 8, 2014
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Motha fu*kers in Branford get ice cream every other weekend, many people in this town are rich snobs who do nothing but drink beer on their boats. The middle school is just bulls**t end of story, great place to raise a family until you get money and commitment issues. The branford highschool is decent. Their called the branford hornets... a horrible pick but its theirs.
"Branford.. the home of the hornets and white kids who dont know how to act."
by Iknowitbrofoff December 4, 2020
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a green-haired chick from Final Fantasy VI dressed in a red suit with powers of a monsterous esper. Half-esper, half-human, this girl must discover what love is and stop the evil, but godly Kefka. Her actions make her one of the best heroines of all-time.
by Donkey KHAAAAN January 28, 2005
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One of the lamest towns in CT, combined with Northford. A range of 14 to 19 year olds hangout in the center of town on the piknick bench next to mcdonalds. Everyones phone has atleast 10 numbers who they can get weed from. Dinner consists of Mcdonalds and chill zones when out with friends. Also 95% of kids in NB own dirtbikes of some kind and ride them all day at their local sand pit, City. Kids are always there on their motocross bikes playing around and smoking pot. That is pretty much North Branford CT, the Highschool is lame were kids just cut class to smoke, All they do after school is hangout in the center, and smoke, and if there not there, they are riding their dirtbikes at City, smoking.
Little Kid: Dad, why are all those kids sitting outside McDonalds?
Dad: Well son, it is North Branford.
by Proud NB Resident October 16, 2010
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1. “Full send” is a part of our vocabulary

2. I peeked at bhs
3. DRK tattood on my arm

4. 203 salt life was my senior quote

5. I had my first fake ID freshman year
“Where do you live?”
“Branford, CT”
Ohh so your a wash up?”
by Gocrazitsstayc February 19, 2018
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1. Pretty boring town
2. Town with pretty good sports teams
3. Mostly Harmless
4. Has some pretty cool people
5. Go Hornets
I am not one of the popular/cool people in Branford.
by Golod May 1, 2005
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A young,handsome black male, with a penis similar to the size of a horse's.
by Yogaslovia March 13, 2017
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