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A quiet, very sheltered little town in CT. Actually, not even a town...a village in the town of North Branford, CT. Northford is the slightly classier, more ritzy part of North Branford. Mostly kids have been going to school together since kindergarten, hang out in the dumb center of town where Dunkin Donuts, Subway, My Beach Tanning Salon, and Mobile Gas Station are located, and basically have no lives outside of that.
Pretty catty, very dramatic, very "towny"esque. Part of New Haven County, and located between North Haven, Wallingford, and Durham. SO BORING. Believe me, I live here.
Whoaaaa bro I'm so painfully bored it's like I'm in Northford or something.
by sj22 December 27, 2010
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The lamest town in CT. Located between Branford and Wallingford. Made up of small farms, cows, and italians. A lot of house and wood parties where everyone gets drunk. Its an easy place to score pot. People hang out at the Dunkin Donuts because they have nothing better to do. The guys think tend to spike their hair and go tanning. The my new haircut video makes fun of the guys in Northford. Most of the girls are trashy and try to wear the least amount of clothes possible. Its cool to hang out in downtown New Haven and go clubbing. Most kids dont leave for college and stay local like UCONN or Southern. The highschool sucks and the kids aren't that smart. Because its such a lame town all the kids just party and have sex.
wow Tony is so northford he's totally on roids
by freeppl February 02, 2009
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