Brain is fried is a fantasy rugby league competition that was created and run by a man called yurek hunt.

it has comprised of 8 teams but has expanded to 10 for the 2013 season.

the 8 inaugural teams are: the disney rats, the footrots dogs, the hills stallions, the matel giants, the muppetts toads, the sesame st eagles, the st.nick saints and the warner bros cats. the 2 new teams are the primus funksters and the rebellion porn stars.

the competition started in 2005 and the premiers of the seasons up until now (2012) were 05: footrots 06: disney 07: hills 08: st.nick 09: st.nick 10: hills 11: warner bros 12: warner bros.

st.nick and sesame street have been runners up on 2 occasions. matel, footrots, hills and warner bros runners up 1 time each. the muppetts are the only side thus far to not play in a grand final.

game results and all other statistics of the game are decided by dice rolling so there is no favourtism and all winners/losers are decided purely by chance. this makes it perhaps the most unpredictable competition in the world.

the reason why the premiership is called the brain is fried league is because one of yurek hunts good friends blackie shags believes yureks brain is fried from substance abuse in south america
yurek: hey blackie shags, whos gunna win the brain is fried in 2013?

blackie shags: muppetts
by Imic Hunt December 7, 2012
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When your brain feels so overloaded with work/stress/homework that you can't think straight and temporarily don't feel like doing anything that takes too much thinking.
Person A: "Hey, can you help me with math?"

Person B: "I don't know man, I feel brain fried right now.. I just got done with my exam."
by someboredguy May 6, 2011
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Studying so much and working so hard for some classes, that the individual is making more mistakes then correct things.
Dude, after taking that test, I am brain fried.
by mwallace2202 October 30, 2014
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When your brain cannot handle anymore thinking on Fridays during work hours.
Tomorrow is Saturday and I’m brain-fried Friday, can we clock out of work now?
by Corporate_girly September 8, 2023
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